American Indian Scholarships?

Well I’m a Lumbee Indian in NC and I’m looking for scholarship information. But I’m not just looking for american indian scholarships but also any for students pursuing a medical career and if you could find any for both that would be AWESOME! There’s just one problem, my tribe isn’t federally recognized yet, so try to avoid those. I have a high G.P.A., an excellent attndance report and I will accept ANY scholarship information not matter the amount available. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!!!
(I’m only a sophmore but I recognized the importance of scholarships so I’m getting started now :))


I want to earn scholarships in high school…the only problem is i don’t know what types are there and how to reach them. i know i could get a scholarship for doing 400 hours of community service and for being in band but you have to be really good and i am um for the challenge. what are other ways to earn scholarships? other than applying online of course…if that’s even possible?
is it possible to get a perfect attendance scholarship for 3 years?????